Welcome to Get Fit Excel!  This site details the classes, approaches and techniques I can use to help you move forward and reach your personal fitness and training goals.  I have many years experience to draw on, delivering proven, effective results tailored to individual needs and requirements in many different environments and situations.  Whatever your goals, I can help you get fit, and to excel in the activities that we work on together.

I work with adults of all skills and levels of fitness, to discover, build and achieve your fitness goals.  This can be through a combination of nutritional planning and advice; taught classes such as Kettlebells, Spin Circuits, or Insanity; and individually tailored personal training sessions – all of which we combine to make sure you reach your targets – and excel!

I have years of experience and proven success running P.E. classes for children and young adults, through several popular programs such as Big Shoes Little Shoes, Fit 4 Kids, Big Shoes Little Shoes – through Nursery Foundation levels, KS1-3 and more.

I’m also proficient at NLP techniques – using Nuero-Linguistic Programming in combination with my training and coaching experience, I take a holistic approach to your aims and combine them to give you the program and tools you need to meet and exceed your goals and expectations.

On this site you’ll find information about the Training and Classes I provide, and Testimonials from my clients.  There’s also information about the School Fitness programmes that I run, and the NLP approaches that I use, and you can find out the Prices for my activities or perhaps view the Gallery of events and programs I have run in the past!

You can also find out how to Contact Me so we can discuss what you want and how we will get there together!