slide-f4kI have a lot of experience and proven success working with children of all ages and levels at several schools through my career, with a strong focus on development, team work and skills.  You can read more about the different programs I offer on this page; or you can read some of the Testimonials I have received from teachers at the schools I have worked at!

Busy Body – Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery)

‘Busy Body’ programs are available for Nursery 1 Foundation stage.

All sessions focus on ‘independent learning’ and are delivered without adult intervention other than verbal instructions.

The session aims to foster listening skills among the children and for them to assess the activities once they have understood the instruction.

Please see the Testimonials from schools and sessions that are already running.

Fit 4 Kids – KS1 and KS2

Fit4kids PE Sessions for KS1 and KS2 focus around developing positive communication among children.  There is a lot of partner, team, and group work involved, in which children need to communicate with each other in order to get the task done.

I have found these sessions work well with children who may struggle to otherwise engage with each other.

Skills include: balance, co-ordination, speed, dexterity.

Social skills developed: co-operation, patience, empathy, communication, problem solving.

Big Shoes Little Shoes – for Teaching Staff!

Ice breaker training days for teaching staff in school: put yourself back in the shoes of the little people we teach.  Big Shoes Little Shoes is the perfect opportunity to see PE through the eyes of the child with our 1 hour physical activity session.  Perfect for teacher training days, and for recognising the groups of children who would benefit from organic PE lessons.

Available for KS2 and KS3 pupils

Kettlebell fitness

Boxing fitness

Hula fitness

Schools I have worked with

Ripley St Thomas

Central Lancaster High

Skerton High School

Carnforth High School