Laura3I have a long career of getting results with fitness and training, and there are many people who are quite happy to say so!  Please read on for some testimonials from clients of mine, as well as testimonials at the bottom of the page from schools I have worked with.

I have a lot to offer – and a lot of people happy to agree!  You don’t have to be fit to get fit, and because everyone is different I use a variety of approaches to help you get to where you want to be.  Why not read about some of the classes and techniques I use to get results with your fitness.

You can also browse a gallery of a variety of sessions I have run – such as Insanity, Steps Training, and Personal Training.

If you would like to know more (or if you want to leave a Testimonial, too!) – please contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Testimonials from Clients

I really enjoy training with Laura.. completely different from any other classes I have attended. She pushes me past my limits and gives me the motivation to carry on.  As an ex Olympian I wish that I had the fortune to have had her as my trainer then!


Having known and worked with Laura for a number of years now, I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anybody. Laura has a wealth of experience and knowledge, allied to a passion to help her clients strive for the levels of success to which they aspire.

Her unquestionable drive towards continued learning and self-development  only serve to enhance the passion with which she approaches her work. I now happily consider Laura a friend more than a colleague, and only benefit from working with and knowing her.


When you train with Laura the destination is always further!  You are constantly challenged and never know where the journey will take you next.  It never gets easier but every so often you stop and think “wow, I never thought I’d be able to do that”!

I like that Laura doesn’t have a fixed idea of who I should be and how my body should look.  I’m a woman in my 40s, I’ve had a baby.  I don’t want to be a fitness model or a size zero, just a better version of myself.  She’s not selling quick fixes, unrealistic expectations or the exercise fad du jour – just good old fashioned sweat and hard work.  Where I want to go with my journey is up to me, Laura provides the tools, support and the necessary kick up the bum.  Love it or hate, and often I hate it, she really does get you there!!!


Laura is an outstanding trainer. If you want to achieve more than simply “ticking over” then I highly recommend working with Laura. It’s fun, challenging, motivating and rewarding to train with her and with progression and variety.

Since personal training with Laura, there’s been a significant change in my shape, strength and fitness. I’ve also had good, no-nonsense practical advice on diet, supplements and fitting it all in!

Reflecting back, I didn’t know what I was capable of achieving and was in a comfort, easy and safe zone for too long and not seeing any improvements in my fitness. Laura’s focus on technique and constantly raising the bar has enabled me to make progression. What’s really brilliant is that Laura has taken a holistic approach to the way she works with me; understanding and challenging my goals.


I have been training with Laura for two years now and feel fitter, stronger and more toned than I ever have in my life. She has given me definition in my string bean arms, better abs than I had before I had children and she has raised my bum cheeks a full inch – my husband is her biggest fan!


I have been working with Laura for the last 6 weeks and she is really helping me keep motivated and become much fitter – even in this short amount of time, I can really notice the difference.  If you lose motivation quickly – Laura is your woman! She has helped build my confidence up and is really supportive and encouraging, whilst developing a programme which is specific to my needs. I’m looking forward to the continued hard work so I can get to my target weight healthily.


IMG-20140719-WA0004-300x224Testimonials From Schools

Over the course of the term, we have been lucky enough to have Ms McConville working in school with a group of 30 Year 5 children with whom she has been using a creative approach to the teaching of yoga.

Every week, the children really look forward to their hour-long session during which they take part in a whole range of fun but challenging activities in which the emphasis is very much on body control.  I have myself been involved in the sessions, and know from experience that they pose a real challenge, both mentally and physically, and help the participants to become much more aware of their body and posture.

Each one of the lessons has been planned meticulously with a wide range of interesting equipment and resources for the children to use.  The activities have varied from week to week but they have all contributed to the overall aim.

Ms McConville delivers the sessions with boundless energy and a sense of fun in learning, and she employs positive behaviour management strategies to harness the children’s enthusiasm.

As a teacher, I have seen the children benefit enormously from the work they have done with Ms McConville and I have also been able to apply what they have learned about control to aspects of our daily classroom routines.

Overton St Helen’s C.E. School

We would like to thank Laura for the fun activities she played with our KS2 Nurture group.  The children thoroughly enjoyed these and were sorry that it had to end.

We feel that the children really benefited from this.  It gave them a really good understanding on just how much they are in control of what they do, with also the opportunity to think about what choices they have and when to take the chances to put things right.

Since the children have completed these activities with you, they appear to be putting in place the strategies you have taught them when they are finding themselves in difficult situations.

Ridge Community Primary School